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Welcome to San Diego Animal Trapping & Removal, the company that can best help you with canine control in or near San Diego California. When you make a phone call to our staff here at 858-888-6062, you will be able to learn more about how we can help you with canines . Whether you are a home or a business owner, we can help you with any unwanted and stray animals. When it comes to canine removal in other cities, we serve clients in Del Mar, Santee, Chula Vista and more; call us today to set up an appointment.  

When people hear canine, they generally think it is just a reference to a stray or wild dog; when in-fact, canine can mean wolves, coyotes and even foxes. If you find yourself in a situation where a stray canine has made its way into your territory, think of your safety first and don't attempt your own canine control. Rather, call our experts who have years of experience in helping people just like yourself. With our tactics and industry leading safety standards, we promise to take care of the situation and clean any area thoroughly where they may have left germs.  

Canines - especially wild coyotes or dogs - can be prime carriers of rabies. This common disease is very likely amongst a stray animal, so don't risk your safety or the safety of those around you. As wild canines are usually out for a reason, there is no telling what they may do at anytime. When you call our team right away, we will arrive in a timely manner to handle the canine control or dog removal to make sure everyone and everything is safe. There is never telling whether or not the dog may be dangerous because looks can be extremely deceiving. Before you think about handling the canine control yourself, let the professionals handle it for you.  

With our years of industry leading experience, we have become the trusted choice for both canine removal in San Diego California, as well as many other types of animal removal services. If you've got a quote from another company, call San Diego Animal Trapping & Removal to get a free one from us and to get a guarantee that we will beat the price you've been given. We welcome all calls today at 877-724-531 from our local residents in Coronado, El Cajo, La Mesa and more! We focus on providing quality workmanship to all of our clients so we will even send our crew out to National City, Spring Valley and OTHER surrounding cities! Connect with us today.  

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